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Who we are

We define ourselves as a continually developing group who use their “know how” and energy to create energy. However you want to generate your energy - from the wind, the sun, the biomass, Rago offers a reliable, fast, original and safe service.

We work with our clients at every step of plant production and we are always available to offer support of any kind as well as total upkeep of the system. We strongly support sustainable development and we are committed to promoting it through our technical-engineering expertize. Our headquarters are in Potenza, but our company is diffused throughout Italy and the rest of Europe.


Our mission

We feel the need to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, to diffuse renewable energy and to make people aware of the question of energy saving.

We are constantly and completely committed to the field of renewable energy which we consider indispensable in the energy struggle of the near future.

We believe in the goals set by the European Union.

Our aim is to contribute to:

  • reducing gas carbon emissions by 20%
  • generating 20% of energy from renewable sources

It has become vital to utilize alternative, renewable energy sources. Investment in their development guarantees a sustainable future for our planet.



Our work is certified. In a world where everything is variable, our method of work is unchanging. We use only the highest quality products and work with maximum efficiency as can be guaranteed by our “ISO 9001” and “SOA” certificates (category OG9, class III).

These certificates endorse our high quality technology, the result of consolidated experience. It is this experience which allows us to offer our clients the best guarantees and a complete and in depth knowledge of the sector.

The certification endorses that our approach to quality is apparent at every level of our business and is re evaluated on a yearly basis in order to maintain standards acceptable to our clients.