We are an E.P.C. contractor company and we are committed to carrying out the whole process of turnkey plant design, production and installation. All the specific roles inherent in the E.P.C. concept are developed in our business. Rago incorporates highly qualified workers and specialists in all necessary skills.



Feasibility Study

We offer techno-environmental advice, verifying the techno-financial feasibility of every project. Our parameters of evaluation are strict in order to supply detailed and impartial studies. Using constant mapping of an area we can identify areas with the highest levels of wind force.



Authorization and planning assistance

We develop all activities relevant to the construction of our plants. We engineer our products observing the strictest possible rules of efficiency, reliability and safety. We handle the entire authorization process dealing with public authorities and local distributors.




Our team of specialists are fitted out with the latest equipment and work tools necessary for the construction and installation of our plants. They carry out every stage of installation, from assemblage to civil engineering (including work in re inforced concrete) and additional electrical work.



Testing and network connection

All our plants are tested during construction and before delivery, in order to ascertain perfect operation. We attend to all the necessary processes for connection and insertion to network energy.

Activation of the G.S.E. convention.


Assistance and monitoring

After sales we take care of your plants in order to insure that our clients can take advantage of long term return. Constant satellite monitoring and real time intervention by our mobile workshops guarantee future maintenance.



Financial advice

We plan the use of financial resources in conjunction with industrial potentiality and goals, evaluating investment and financing options.