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Rago Wind is the department of Rago Solar which is totally dedicated to the production of turnkey aeolian plants.

Our Potenza centre accomodates highly qualified personnel, who deal with feasability studies, financial analysis, authorization processes, planning development and monitoring at a distance of all Rago Wind aeolian plants.

Our San Gregorio Magno centre accomodates manufacturing equipment and the workers and specialists who instal and succesively carry out the maintenance of our plants.

Rago Wind has at its disposal the staff, the manufacturing capacities, the work and lifting equipment and vehicles necessary to offer its clients a complete service, unique in the aeolian field.

We offer an EPC capable of carrying out every stage of aeolian plant production in total autonomy. We cover the identification of sites with high levels of wind force. We supply new or completely reconstructed EC certified turbines. We carry out civil and electrical work. We install and connect our plants to networks and activate the G.S.E. convention.

Thanks to our collaboration with Cantoni Motori of Milan, Rago Wind can reconstruct and/or depotentiate any aeolian asynchronous turbine, installing new generators with powerplates which corrispond to power connections required by clients.


For Rago Wind not all wind is equal

Renewable energy with zero environmental impact

Some areas of Italy are considered more promising for aeolian development, particularly the region of Basilicata. Our company suggests suitable areas of land to clients interested in installing a plant, once we have considered the following elements:

  • levels of wind force and accessability;
  • orography and possible obstacles to wind force;
  • possible environmental commitments;
  • distance from a network connection point;
  • possible seismic and geological risks.

We evaluate the possibility of:

  • the purchase of surface rights;
  • organization of servitude for work vehicle mobility for access to the plant for upkeep and logistics, for the installation of air and underground conduits.